Camp Creek Native Plants is a family owned and operated business specializing in the production of native wildflowers, vines, shrubbery and ferns of the Eastern United States.  Robert Ballard is a horticulturist with 40 years of practical and professional experience in landscape design and nursery production.  His passion for native plants and their critical roles in sustaining ecosystems is the driving force behind the company.  Joining him are his wife Nannette, and his youngest son, Andrew.

Why choose native?

Native plants are part of our perfect creation and a role is filled with each species.  Some providing for pollinators, some for the birds, but our native plants ultimately provide for our own well-being by sustaining our local ecologies. By simply planting native plants in our gardens or landscapes, each of us can become a vital part in repairing our current ecological imbalance.

Camp Creek Native Plants / New Albany, MS

– Operating hours: 9am-5:00pm Monday-Saturday –