Creeping Thyme


  • USDA Zones 5 to 8 (Find Your Zone)
  • 3 – 6″ Height, 3 – 6″ Width
  • Full Sun
  • Dry to medium soil
  • Tolerant of drought and poor soil
  • Excellent for rock or xeric gardens


Creeping Thyme, Thymus praecox, is a naturalized, non-native, edible perennial that is valued as an groundcover that is perfect for path edging or filling in walkways. Several woody-esque stems create a flat mat (2-6″ tall) with dainty, rounded, pubescent aromatic leaves. Evergreen in environs with mild winters, this thyme produces groups of minute, tubular, purplish-white flowers from June – September, which are attractive to bees and butterflies. This plant is particularly suited for drought and poor soils of low fertility, as it will sprawl over rocks and ledges, making it perfect for a rock garden or xeric sites. It may be easily divided in spring or fall, with even small sections taking root in tough substrates.
Photo: C T Johansson, NC State Extension

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