Hard Rush – ‘Blue Arrows’


  • USDA Zones 4 to 9 (Find Your Zone)
  • 1 – 3′ Height, 1 – 3′ Width
  • Full Sun
  • Medium moisture to wet soil
  • Prevents erosion on wet sites
  • Drought tolerant once established


Juncus inflexus, ‘Blue Arrows’, or Hard Rush, is a striking non-native and naturalized cultivar that is admired for its thin blue-green leaves/stems and fine texture. This rhizomatous perennial forms dense clusters of evergreen, upright, cylindrical, gray-green to blue stems that reach 1 – 3′ tall and 1 – 3′ spread. A wonderful addition to rain gardens, this cultivar requires full sun and moist to wet soils. Often planted in pond edges or water gardens, Hard Rush can help prevent soil erosion on moist banks, but also thrives in container gardens. Though it may take time to establish, this plant will slowly spread by rhizomes/roots as well as self-seeding, as nondescript reddish-brown flowers give way to short-beaked brown seed capsules. It also can be propagated by division in early spring. The foliage may die back in colder climates but will reemerge in the spring.
Photo: Hoffman Nursery

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