Pale Purple Coneflower


  • USDA Zones 3 to 10 (Find Your Zone)
  • Full Sun to Part Shade
  • 2 to 3 Feet Tall
  • Pale Purple Blooms in Early Summer
  • Average to Dry Soils
  • Attracts Butterflies


Pale Purple Coneflower, Echinacea pallida, is a perennial native to the Central and Eastern United States, hardy from zones 3 to 10. Typically growing in dry fields and prairies, Pale Purple Coneflower is tolerant of a wide range of poor soils and dry conditions. Flowers appear on stiff stems in early summer, growing up to 3 feet in height. Bloom season is long and the plant will typically rebloom without deadheading. Pale Purple Coneflower attracts butterflies and other pollinators.

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