Alumroot – ‘Palace Purple’


  • USDA Zones 4 to 9 (Find Your Zone)
  • 1 – 2′ Height, 1 – 2′ Width
  • Part Shade in the South to Full Sun in northern climates
  • Average, medium, well-drained soils


Heuchera mircantha var. diversiflora, ‘Palace Purple’, is one of the earliest alumroot or coral bells hybridized from native species with naturally occurring purple leaves.  With deep contrasts of varying greens and purples, this Heuchera needs part shade, particularly in the deep South, to maintain its coloring, though it can handle full sun in northern climates. The 1991 Perennial Plant of the Year, the ‘Palace Purple’ cultivar reaches 1 – 2′ in height and spread, and are best grown in organically rich, humusy, well-drained, medium moisture soils. Minute, blueish to pinkish white, bell-shaped flowers appear atop slender panicles from June – July, which can be removed when faded to encourage new blooms. An excellent choice for adding visual contrast to borders and open woodland understory when paired with green foliage plants.
Photo: Patrick Standish, NC State Extension Gardener

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